International Student Guide: Housing Options

Finding a place to live is a critical factor of a successful educational experience in Australia. Whatever the housing option you choose it is important to go through all options available carefully and be well informed of your rights and responsibilities. As a cosmopolitan city in the Southern coast, ranked as fifth livable city in the world, Adelaide offers a comprehensive range of housing options for international students to choose from.


Homestay is an excellent option for your first month in Australia. Your new home away from home will give an irreplaceable cultural exchange with your local host family. A homestay places an international student with a local family in their home. Typically, you will stay at least a month or so, but students less than 18 years students may prefer to extend their stay. This is an excellent you to acclimatize yourself with your new environment and to learn the local way of life.

College Halls

Living on or near the university in a college hall or a residential college is a much preferred accommodation option for international students. If you are looking for a safe and convenient accommodation option when you first arrive in your new host city, this is definitely for you. A college hall will generally offer all meals, and utility expenses such as electricity and water will be included in your hostel fee. Certain residential colleges offer furnished apartment, public Wi-Fi and social activities. University managed accommodation options are considered to be an investment most students make during their first year at the university.

Private rental

If you wish to live alone, be in control of your housing arrangements, private rental accommodation is the way to go. This is also the ideal way to fully adjust yourself in the Australian culture. Sharing an apartment with few locals will definitely expand your horizons. Serviced apartment Adelaide offers a convenient short term rental options for students who look for long term accommodation options.

Managed Student accommodation

Student hostels are built around all leading University and College compounds and offer the advantage of an all-inclusive arrangement, ready for your arrival. Student hostels generally are purpose-built housing units where the whole block is dedicated to accommodating 100 to 400 students. The setup of a shared unit ranges from single occupancy or twin rooms with a shared living area, kitchen and bathrooms. A unit may accommodate 4 or 5 other students or could offer your own studio apartment. Manages student accommodations offer a range of facilities such as fully furnished rooms, 24 hour security, recreational activities and social events.

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