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Swim With Whale Shark In Ningaloo Reef

Shark cage tours have got the popularity among the tourists. The best whale shark tours can be done in Australia due to the dense population of whale sharks found in this area.

Whale shark diving:

The most favorite and practiced way to see sharks in the swim with whale sharks in Exmouth. This is usually offered in whale shark tours. One of the best places to experience swim with whale sharks is Ningaloo reef in Australia. The whale shark diving is done by using a cage to go into the depth of ocean for seeing them. The cage used in the process is generally a floating cage and it will be attached properly to the boat the whole time people are diving. The cage that is used cannot be broken easily and the sharks cannot get inside the cage. It is suggested to book your tour a few days prior to the whale shark diving trip in order to avoid the displeasure of the charter being booked completely. Weather is one of the important factors to be considered. All tools are given by the company that is organizing whale shark tours. Even though the experience of diving is safe, but unregistered companies sometimes give the sharks to eat. This can make behavioral characters and sharks can consider humans with food.

What to expect:

A typical whale shark diving will start at dawn, with a boat that will depart the shore as the sun will begin to rise. This is the best time to catch with the whale shark. The small fishes or other kind of proteins is thrown into the water to get the sharks attracted. After a short safety meeting and once the sharks has been seen, a huge cage is lowered from the boat into the water. When the cage is ready for diving, the exciting experience begins. Divers can enter into the cage one or two at a time. They are able to have a clear like crystal view of whale sharks passing the cage and their usual behavior in their natural environment. The charter will usually throw bait little away from the cage you are standing in so that the whale sharks can only swim near the cage and not at the cage. See here for further information regarding whale shark season in Ningaloo.

Once all the people who wanted to enjoy best whale shark swim have done so, the boat then returns to the shore. Amazing lunch and drinks on the shore are offered to make this experience unforgettable for the life. Whale shark tours and whale shark diving is famous for its unbelievable adrenalin rush and has become a progressively popular attraction for the tourists from all over the world and in the local area. Whale shark diving is safe and tremendously exciting way to observe these unbelievable creature in their natural environment and to get an experience not like to be forgotten.

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